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CAD / CAM Scanners

At My Milling Center, we want to provide you with as many CAD/CAM options as possible so that whatever your patients need, you'll have a laboratory partner you can trust to produce high-quality CAD/CAM restorations. Peruse our CAD/CAM products to see how we can help your practice succeed in this exciting area of dentistry.

At My Milling Center, we appreciate your demands for quicker, more accurate and aesthetically pleasing dental restorations. Whether it is cosmetic dental enhancements or trauma-based surgical procedures, using our digital technology helps to reduce the delivery time for all types of dental restoration.

Our dental CAD/CAM suite offers unique and state-of-the-art technology, with accuracy unsurpassed by any other system on the market today. It provides perfectly fitting restorations in a fraction of the time taken by the manual techniques currently used in the dental industry.

Is your laboratory offering dental restorations that have been designed using computer-aided technology and manufactured using the state of the art technology?

Patients: If you are a patient, is your dentist using restorations made using My Milling Center state of the art Dental solution.


3 Shape D900 Scanner

Unique optical system with four 5MP cameras, and a new multi-die solution

The D900 lab scanner gives users very high scan-speeds, unique color scanning capabilities, enhanced details, and high accuracy.

About D900

Four high-res 5MP cameras and new blue LED technology provide extraordinary speed and highly accurate color scanning. Perfect for large high volume, productive-orientated labs. The D900 is constructed using a thermally stable special metal alloy for consistent accuracy even in demanding lab environments.

RealColor™ Technology captures all textures and colors
Texture scanning captures 2D images of the model surface and precisely overlays these on the 3D model, enhancing visualization of surface details and allowing technicians to include hand-drawn design guidance markings in the digital design. RealColor™ Technology on the D900 allows technicians to capture colored markings, indicating different design details.

Market’s most extensive suite of scan indications
All standard scan indications and in addition impression scanning, post & core, 16-unit bridges, articulated antagonist model, wax-up bridges for copy milling, deep inlays, pre-preparation model, un-sectioned model for temporaries, implant position and orientation detection, wax-up customized abutment and wax-up implant bridges for copy milling. The range of available indications depends on the Dental System™ version - Standard/Premium.
  • RealColor™ Technology captures all textures and colors
  • Market’s most extensive suite of scan indications
  • Implant bridge and bar accuracy
  • High productivity with Multi-Die scanning

  • Implant bridge and bar accuracy
    Every day labs all over the world are using 3Shape’s high-end scanners to produce implant bars and bridges of an exceptional quality that few others can deliver. 5.0 Megapixel cameras, in combination with high quality scan abutments, enable accurate 3D capture of both implant positions and orientations ensuring excellent passive fit.

    High productivity with Multi-Die scanning
    Multi-Die scanning provides labs with efficient batch and multi-case processing. Dies for one or more cases are fixed to the Multi-Die plate, and scanning is automatic, freeing the technician to work with other tasks. Next generation multidie technology on the D900 optimizes speed and performance without compromising accuracy.

    Scanner Overview


    Cameras4 cameras
    Light technologyBlue LED
    Accuracy*15 microns
    Gypsum model scanning
    Impression scanning✓ (add on)
    Multi-die scanning✓ (new technology)
    Texture scanningColor Texture
    Scan time - single die15 Sec (19 sec)
    Scan time - 3 unit bridge65 Sec (85 sec)
    Typical Software package**Dental System™ Premium

    * Measured using metrology gauge block
    ** Availability of specific configurations depends on country and reseller

    Smart Optics - Activity 885

    The Activity 885 is a patented dental scanner for the scanning of jaw models in craniofacial coordinates

    Building on the success of the Activity 880, the Activity 885 leads dental laboratories and orthodontic practices into new territory. The fast two-axis system with patented ScanFixator provides accurate capture of cranio-facial information from physical articulators. With dentProgress or dentCreate!® CAD software, the scan models, jaw joint positions, and articulator settings are accurately transferred from the physical articulator to the CAD software. The resulting dynamic occlusion design creates highly-functional restorations, saving the dentist valuable chairside time. The Artex®, SAM® and Adesso Split® articulation systems are currently supported.

    The Activity 885 is a patented dental scanner for the scanning of jaw models in craniofacial coordinates. Models that have been previously aligned in an articulator (using a face bow) can be positioned within the scanner using the corresponding magnetic spacer plates. After scanning the upper and lower jaws separately, the two models are placed in occlusal relation to one another by means of the ScanFixator and digitized.

    The Activity software provides the digital scan models, along with the patient-specific condyle position. The scan data and positions are saved in the open STL format, allowing them to be processed immediately by CAD/CAM software, including dentProgress and dentCreate!®. With the "Virtual Articulator" module and patient-specific data, the models can be used to simulate protrusive and lateral jaw movements to automatically construct occlusal surfaces for all kinds of restorations.

    Several ScanFixator types are available to be compatible with the Artex®, SAM® and Adesso Split® articulation systems. Further systems can be added after purchase.


  • Extremely fast, fully-automatic scanner
  • Transfer of jaw joint position into virtual articulator
  • ScanFixators for Articulators SAM®, Artex®, Baumann®, Reference SL®
  • Newly-developed large measurement field
  • Highly-accurate results by automated 3D calibration
  • Perfect for longer directly screwed implant bars
  • Accuracy up to 10 microns
  • Output in the open STL file format

    Dental Wings - 7Series

    The “all-in-one” new generation scanner

    Dental Wings’s newest scanner can be thought of as an “all-in-one” dental scanner.

    The 7Series is well suited for the medium to large dental laboratory, where high volume throughput is required and versatility is a must. It is embedded with a powerful PC and is delivered with several dwos applications.

    Bringing unprecedented performance and productivity

    The 7Series performance is the result of a combination of years of mechanical engineering experience with state-of-the-art component technology. Its diversity allows it to scan both stone models and impressions, a capability found in no other scanner.

    The optical cameras set-up, running with a 64-bit processor and five axes of freedom, produces superior scanning volume performance with a high degree of accuracy. This accuracy allows the 7Series to produce scans for precise prosthesis marginal integrity and fit, for a wide variety of dental indications. Its large scan volume, 140 mm x 140 mm x 140 mm, provides access for larger fully articulated models. Thus, be it a single preparation or a full arch scan, the 7Series delivers with technical superiority and agility.

  • High precision scanning of both models and impressions
  • Automatic Scan & Design Wizards
  • High capacity die scan and design – 30 copings in 15 minutes
  • Simultaneous opposing arch design
  • On-board computer with 64-bit processor
  • SRBB calibration kit available
  • dwos connect enabled
  • Delivered with SAM® SE articulator
  • Delivered with the following dwos applications:
  • Optional dwos applications:


    Sirona - Ineos® Blue

    Precise, fast and controlled scanning.

    Thanks to its unique Bluecam technology and unrivalled user-friendly features, the inEos Blue sets the standards in the laboratory scanning market.

    Thanks to its unique Bluecam technology and unrivalled user-friendly features, the inEos Blue sets the standards in the laboratory scanning market.
    Either as a stand-alone device in combination with an external production service or as an integral part of your in-house CAD/CAM system, the inEos Blue enhances your flexibility and profitability.

    The benefits in brief:
  • Precise scanning: Bluecam technology for precise scanning results and a perfect fit
  • Rapid scanning: Short scanning times and automatic image capture
  • Controlled scanning: Greater independence, thanks to the user-defined scanning area
  • OPEN STL: Export of scanning data in the STL format

  • Maximum control and flexibility
    The inEos Blue gives you complete control over the scanning process. In other words, you are no longer tied to predetermined routines. Via the sophisticated on-screen image catalogue you can tell at a glance which areas of the model have been captured fully – and which have not. You are free to define which particular areas of the model you want to scan. In this way you remain independent and can contribute your specialized know-how and experience.

    Precision and dependability
    Based on short-wavelength blue light, the unique Bluecam optical system delivers high-precision image data*. Regardless of the specific indication, you benefit from an extensive depth of field, enhanced detail reproduction at the preparation margins, as well as a narrow triangulation angle for deep cavities. The blue light indicates exactly which area of the model is being captured at any given moment.

    * Cf. Bluecam study by Prof. Dr. Mehl (Zürich University, 2008)

    Speed and efficiency
    Scanning and model computation are very fast – even in the case of complex preparations. The autocapture function saves valuable time. The attractive inEOS Blue package (including a high-performance PC and the unique inLab scanning and design software) is the perfect passport to sophisticated dental CAD/CAM technology.


    Straumann® CARES® Scan CS2

    The central hardware component in the Straumann® CARES® CADCAM system is a user-friendly, efficient in-lab scanner.

    The new Straumann® CARES® Scan CS2 scanner is an integral part of Straumann® CARES® Digital Solutions and offers the benefits you need for your dental business – from CAD to CAM.

    The Straumann® CARES® Scan CS2 scanner is part of the validated workflow of the CARES® System. The functionalities and program interfaces of the CS2, CARES Visual Software, and CARES Milling Center have been tested and work together seamlessly to deliver reliable, standardized results for your restorations. Continuous technology enhancements as part of the Straumann® CARES® System 8.0 deliver an efficient scanning experience.

    Accurate Scanning

    An accurate scan is the first step to a precise, accurate CADCAM restoration. The Straumann® CARES® Scan CS2 uses advanced 3D laser technology for accuracy:
  • Information Capture: Records the angulation and diameter of the scanned object
  • Future Updates Possible: Online updating capability built-into its firmware
  • Lifetime Remote Calibration: Laser technology is calibrated due to a fixed mounted optical measurement unit on a moveable plate – no re-calibration in the lab is needed
  • Laser Optic Measurement Unit: Over 1.5 million scanned and milled elements worldwide
  • Flexibility: Scan single dies, master models, section cuts and antagonist models
  • Camera: Located inside the scanner, providing a direct connection to Straumann US technical support for feedback

  • The Straumann® CARES® Scan CS2 scans solid master models, section cuts and antagonist models. It reduces scanning times to just 30 seconds for single dies and 3 minutes for master models.