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BioStar Full Contour Zirconia

BioStar® Full Zirconia crowns and bridges are an affordable, durable and esthetic alternative to full cast crowns and bridges.

We using the best CAD/CAM Technology and the CAP’s Elite Anatomical Library features, size and shape of a BioStar® Full Zirconia crown or bridge are designed from the scan of a model or from an STL file. The restoration is then milled full contour to a perfect replica of the digital design. Once the desired shade is established, the crown is hand-stained and glazed.

Star Full Contour Zirconia with MultiShade

BioStar is milled from the most esthetic full contour zirconia available. We mill your restoration and perform a multi-color shading process that dramatically enhances the esthetics. We then sinter the restoration and return it to you ready to stain and glaze. BioStar is indicated for full crow-fluidns and small bridges. We are now accepting digital files from 3Shape or Dental Wings, or we can produce BioStar from your models using our proprietary anatomic library. We will return your restoration ready for stain and glaze.

Using My Milling Center CAD/CAM Technology, the anatomical features, size and shape of the BioStar® Full Zirconia crown or Full Zirconia bridge are designed from the scan of a model or from a file obtained through a digital impression. The restoration is then milled full contour with utmost precision, a perfect replica of the digital design - no understructure, no porcelain overlay one single strong and translucent BioStar material. Milled full contour, the restoration is cut from the blank and sintered, during which process it shrinks to the perfect fit. Once the desired shade is established, the crown is hand-stained with a metal free brush and glazed to an even surface. The result: a biocompatible, esthetic and completely chip-resistant restoration; the affordable and esthetic alternative to full cast crowns!

BioStar Benefits

Completely Chip Resistant
Milled solid, BioStar Full Zirconia is monolithic, which eliminates the need for porcelain overlay and makes it completely chip-resistant, even for those cases when excessively high tension is put upon the teeth (bruxers and grinders).

Saves Tooth Structure
Because it requires minimum shoulder preparation, BioStar Full Zirconia avoids the irreversible removal of a considerable amount of tooth structure and is ideal for cases with restricted interocclusal space a minimum of 0.5 mm is accepted. 

Perfect Marginal Fit
BioStar Full Zirconia is fabricated using CAP design and My milling technology, which guarantees a precise marginal fit, contributing to the reduction of chair time.

Metal Free
BioStar Full Zirconia is metal-free and relieves the problem of dark margins around the gingival line, being the perfect alternative to full cast crowns.

Proven Strength
BioStar Full Zirconia has a bending strength of 1200 (+/- 200) MPa.

Prevents Plaque
The glazed final BioStar restoration is proven to prevent plaque build-up and opposing dentition wear.

Bio Frame - Strongest Bridge Framework

Bio Frame at 1200 MPa, Bio Frame High Strength Zirconia is the strongest dental substructure material available, guaranteed to NEVER break or deteriorate. We recommend our high strength material for your most difficult posterior restorations which are subject to stronger stresses and where other dental materials simply may not have been strong enough. Bio Frame Zirconia is also ideal for situations where porcelain-fused-to-gold is indicated, where a strong material is needed to address a thinner working area.

Bio Frame is Strong, cost-effective, and provides a beautiful, natural esthetic
  • German Engineered from japanese material
  • Premium quality with far less chipping than other brands
  • Excellent aesthetics and 100% biocompatibility
  • CE & FDA approved
  • life time warranty for substructures